Welcome to the Election Site for the 2011 elections

Welcome to the Election Site for the 2011 elections for Channel Manager for Undernet #callahans.

This page will be updated as we go along, so please bookmark it, and visit it frequently. We welcome collaboration on this site as well. If you wish to contribute, please register an account with wikidot and join this wiki community. Visit the quick start guide for more information.

We have created a couple of forums for the election process discussion and meta-discussion. (tamouse 1314676020|%e %b %Y, %H:%M %Z|agohover)

There was some pre-discussion in #Mary'sPlace. Please see that content here. (bkcallahan 1314676020|%e %b %Y, %H:%M %Z|agohover)

There is one rule above all else: Do NOT delete anyone's edits. You may add or comment on it, but please leave it be respectfully.

We are dedicated to completely open elections, including any discussions of how to hold the election.

Here is the letter to the 499+

1) The election needs to be completely transparent.

2) Any (and I mean any) discussion about the election process needs to be transparent.

3) There's honestly nothing that needs to be discussed amongst the 499s only regarding the elections. Nothing.

I've set up a wiki page for the elections. ( http://callahans.wikidot.com/ ) I will start discussions right away, and encourage others to do so, including the 499s. Any 499 who registers, and lets me know, will have admin privs on the wiki. If there is anything I'm doing on the site, that you wish me not to do, simply take the function over. It's not if I do it; it's that it gets done and it's a good thing it gets done whether it's the 499s, or some of the rest of us getting it done.

No matter how the elections are held (official or unofficial), they can still be hosted at the wiki (A wiki was the format for it last time, although I think the actual voting was done via email); any decisions the 499s make regarding this can again, be carried over on to it, and at any time. What I am trying to say here, is feel free to use the site; anything you do openly there, will likely be welcomed by channel.

Last election, everything I've mentioned here was discussed openly, form hwo to hold votes on the wiki for minor rules, how long to discuss the election before actually voting, how long the voting was open for, how to work with indeterminate ballots, etc. Very detailed and pedantic, lol, and probably the same things you're discussing now in private, to how to vote itself (Ways other than simple 1 vote elections like in the USA) and it worked *beautifully*. Not everyone agreed all the time, but all the *discussion* was there for everyone to read, and join in. Everyone had a say in the entire process.

Please, for the sake of the channel, join us there and discuss everything openly, with all, as equals. Please.

Added tags for pages: Administrative (Things useful, but not directly related, such as the username list), Election Process (Who's eligible, how long, etc.), Election Mechanics (Type of election, actual format used), and Other. Please tag any page created with the appropriate tag. Many of the pages may need more than one tag, so do so if appropriate. bkcallahan

We've locked some pages; see why here. bkcallahan