Who we are

Mapping of wikidot user names to #callahans channel nicks

This is to show who we are (username to channel nick). Please insert your USER name alphabetically. We've provided a reference for you: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ

[[user <USERname>]] <Channel Nickname> (Real Name, if you wish).

You can always copy and paste that, and change what needs to change but don't forget to add the right arrow by copying from one already existing. (You'll see what we mean when you go to edit the page)

bkcallahan AuntieEm (Brendan K Callahan)
elfin1 ^elfi^ (Jenn McWhorter) <bkcallahan - Moved: Alphabetically Challenged Entry>
Flaim Flaim (duh) <bkcallahan - Moved: NOTE: 'Open' does not mean 'anarchy' or 'lack of structure'. Feel free to start a 'who' page not in alphabetical order.>
FreeTrav FreeTrav (Jeff Zeitlin)

kuru kuru (prion disease from Papua New Guinea)
MildBill MildBill (Bill Buehl)
orangejuice orangejuice (Rosemary)
Phantom Belcher Phantasm (Ted Brock)
tamouse tamouse__ (Tamara Temple)